Put on your Wonder Woman suit

Ruby Ribbon Sheer Collection Cami with Shaping Briefs in Kiss Red

Remember Wonder Woman? A comic and movie superheroine that is smart, powerful, and beautiful and is able to take on whatever comes at her each day with poise and super strengths.

She’s known for wearing her Wonder Woman suit and while it may not give her superpowers, it certainly helps her feel confident and ready to take on the day.

Makes me want a Wonder Woman suit!  But wait, I think I already have one. My Ruby Ribbon cami and matching briefs certainly support me every day, and help me have the confidence to take on the day. I have a Wonder Woman suit in a beautiful superhero red, but I also have it a variety of other colors too. (Maybe a few other superheroines hiding in that color selection, I don’t know?)

And, my cami gives me some super powers that Wonder Woman didn’t have. It takes an inch off my waist and even allows me to give up my underwires. I think I need to find Wonder Woman and tell her about my Wonder Woman suit. Even she may be ready for upgrade!

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