I love New York

new-yorkI’m sitting in LaGuardia airport early this AM waiting to catch my flight home from New York, where I attended a conference for real estate agents, brokers and MLS staff. I’ve been to New York several times, always for my work. Here are some ramblings:

  • Had a great time with my “work family” going to some amazing restaurants, and I realized I think I ate seafood at every meal this week
  • I packed “New Yorker” clothes for the trip — black, and gray, and black… LOL
  • Lots of walking, which was probably good after all those meals
  • I’ve said it before but just in case you haven’t heard — “realtors have great fashion style”
  • While I’m learning all about the real estate industry and their business processes, I learn so much for my Ruby Ribbon business too. Real estate, just like home-based businesses, is about relationships and connecting with customers
  • Your ears pop when you ride the elevator to the 43rd floor
  • I’m looking forward to opening my box of Ruby Ribbon’s Spring Capsule which online packing tracking says will be waiting for me when I get home

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