Go Nautical!

Two pieces in the Ruby Ribbon Spring 2017 inspire a nautical look…check out the Kimono Top and the Off the Shoulder Top, both destined to be popular for many women.
spring-2017-kimono-stripped-with-shape-boxIf you loved the last two options¬† in the Kimono Top, you’ll probably like this one time. It’s a proven favorite but this time offered in a casual “cottony” knit. With nautical-inspired sapphire-and-white stripes, this top is crisp enough for an informal office setting but also playful enough for a picnic. It has a flattering wide waistband that hugs, and some women like to size up in this top.
Our model has paired with the white Capri Leggings but it also would be fun with the new Jacquard Leggings in white. Of course, another option would be white shorts or denim leggings. It would be a showstopper with red shoes.
off-the-shoulder-top-and-convertible-skirtOur new “Off the Shoulder Top” is already a favorite of my customers. I’m thinking you’ll be able to think of several places to wear it this summer, maybe the beach or a street fair?
Choose to pull the shoulders up or down, one side or both? Or, tuck in the sleeves and see what you think of it as a skirt?
Shown here, it’s paired with the Convertible Skirt (which also can be worn as a strapless dress) but again, this top will be cute worn with white leggings, skirt or shorts. It will travel well and give you a playful look wherever you chose to wear it.
Spring 2017 Post Summary
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