Seasons change, what to wear?

Seasons are changing here in the Red River Valley, and probably where you live too. It got me thinking about how I transition my wardrobe as the seasons change. It’s easy if the climate is similar year round, I’m guessing?

I find myself in layers

wrappontejacket_black_frontActually, I wear layers all winter, but I adjust them in the spring. I layer a short sleeve top under a jacket, rather than a long sleeve one. It’s more “adjustable” this time of year.
Some of my favorite jackets are the new Ruby Ribbon Wrap Jacket (my new favorite!) or the Duster from earlier this year. Both are longer and I like how they look with leggings.

I choose color!

grapefruit tank.jpgIt’s not intentionally, but with the seasons changing, I find myself looking for color in my closet. I wear a lot of black, and I mean a LOT of black. But as it warms up, I reach for patterns and brighter colors and fun fabrics.

I care about what shoes I wear

Yeah, I stop wearing my suede boots because spring is well, wet. Winter and snow just don’t seem as hard on them. Then, as it warms up, I’m glad to get out some shoes I haven’t worn in  months. It’s just a time for change I think!
What do the season changes do for you?
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