Top 10 Reasons you might need a Ruby Ribbon Cami

  1. You rush home after work to take off your bra.
  2. You have declined an invitation or stayed home because going out would require putting your bra back on.
  3. You have ever decided against wearing a top or outfit because of “back fat” or the lumps and bumps created by your bra.
  4. You find yourself adjusting or pulling up your bra straps throughout the day….
  5. You have a hard time finding a bra that fits correctly.
  6. You would like to improve your posture and support your back.
  7. You would like to lose 1-3 inches in your waist instantly.
  8. You dislike the feeling of being randomly poked by a stray underwire.
  9. You want to look amazing but be comfortable at the same time.
  10. You are a woman! (LOL)

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