What is Ponte?

What is Ponte?

If you’ve been following on this site very long, you’ve seen me refer to Ponte fabric over and over again. It’s a staple in the Essentials collection at Peach. But what is Ponte?

Well, I know I love it because it’s a “heartier” fabric that stands up to wear. But that’s not a lot to go on, so here’s a bit more. We have Ponte in several styles of black pants and leggings.

First, how do you pronounce Ponte? You say “ponteee” so now we have that covered. Ponte clothing items are constructed from a double-jersey knit fabric, typically made with some combination of two or three fibers that most often include rayon, nylon, spandex, and polyester.

So what is the difference between regular pants and leggings and those made from Ponte? Ponte pants are likely thicker and have more structure. In leggings, they have less stretch and they hold you firmly in place. Ponte pants fit snugly, but not so snugly that they reveal every bone in your knees and touch of fat on your thighs. They also keep you warm during colder temperatures.

You can wear Ponte pants to work and look perfectly professional, or you can sizzle ’em up for a hot date and absolutely kill it, but unlike other work pants and hot-date pants, they’re comfy enough that you won’t be distracted with visions of how good it’s going to feel to peel them the second you walk in your door.

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