A business that is both fun and flexible

I love that my Ruby Ribbon business is so flexible but also a lot of fun. I love meeting new women, and seeing their faces light up when they find just the right new outfit that they didn’t think would look great on them. Or, when they see how supported they can be and NEVER wear a bra (oh, those underwires) again.
With only 1800 stylists in the entire US, and very few in the Midwest, now is a great time to look into putting extra money in your purse while sharing a designer clothing line with women in your area. Earn up to 40% commission, and get free clothes each season too.
Plus, we are adding shaping swimwear to our line in April — this will be a Must Have for so many women!
If you might be interested, I have a video I would love to share with you to give you more information. I promise no pressure.
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