Fashion Tip Friday: Everyone loves those funky leggings, but how to wear them?

crochet poncho smudge leggings criss crossIntroducing the Ruby Ribbon version of the fun and funky leggings — we call the pattern “Smudge” and it’s a limited edition option in our Criss Cross Leggings. Super fun, very much on trend! (You can get these leggings with the Criss Cross detail in black too)
But, how to wear them? That’s your fashion tip for this Friday!

Pair then with a long top, for sure

With Ruby Ribbon, we have so many options in longer tunics and many will be a great match with the new Smudge leggings- try the Reversible Topper, the Asymmetrical Tunic or the Crochet Poncho over a white cami/

Add a Lace Extender

Already have a top that will match the Smudge pattern perfectly but maybe it’s not the right “leggings length”? Check out the new Ruby Ribbon Lace Extender, designed to make most tops more appropriate for leggings.

What about the shoes?

Wear a nude shoe, according to my friend Sunil, who knows what he’s talking about. Nude shoes will extend your leg and look great with capris. He recommends wedges or low-cut sandals.
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