Flip – Flip – My Morning Today

So, here’s a breakdown on how my morning went today:

  • ruffle top flip skirt (3)Put on Ruby Ribbon Flip Skirt (black side out) paired with cute black and white pattern top
  • Remembered my white patterned t-shirt with rhinestones and swapped that for the black and white top
  • Realized that the white t-shirt might match my super fun and funky multi-colored summer sandals. Slipped them on and stood in front of the mirror
  • Decided that the sandals and t-shirt really didn’t go together, not so much because of colors but more about different vibes with fabric and such
  • Realized the fun shoes would look much better with the dark brown side of the Flip Skirt so I “flipped” it (this skirt is reversible – one side is black and other brown)
  • Went back into closet to look for a top of an appropriate color to match the shoes and settled on a fuscia colored jersey tee
  • Tossed on an animal print scarf and a ivory colored jean jacket and headed out the door

Can you relate? Maybe a little?
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