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Suedette Leggings montage.pngRemember last fall when we launched the Suedette Leggings? You might not ever remember seeing them because we sold out of them in a week — 1000 pair of leggings gone, in a week!
So, Ruby Ribbon is relaunching the Suedette Leggings in August — in a choice of 5 colors! They will be a great addition to your Fall wardrobe and keep you cozy this winter too. I can think of so many outfits that these would be great with — think fun boots, cozy tunics. (Wait, don’t go there yet, Char! It’s summer still.)
I also think they will transition into Fall as you add a fun patterned tunic or blouse.
If you want to be one of the first to get them, just let me know. They are exclusive to hostesses in August, but that’s no big deal just grab 3-5 friends and we can set a date.

Or wait til September and cross your fingers that they don’t sell out again.
A look at more of the Fall Collection
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