Once a fashionista, always a fashionista

20170810_211110096_iOSThis week I spent the night at my Mom’s house, and my sister was there too. For fun, she had us dig out all our old Barbie items, including the camper and the posh house and the dream boat.  We also found a stash of Barbie’s clothes.
At our house, Barbie didn’t have just any clothes, she had high fashion items, mostly homemade. (Many of her items were uniquely fashioned out of children’s socks, but that’s another story.)
She also had a wardrobe made by Mom, and I’m guessing many were without a pattern. She was the prima fashion designer in our family. There were even handbags and boots!
20170810_172948870_iOS.jpgI’m attaching a few pictures that I took to save the memories. My sister took some of the clothes herself. Just check out the detail and the pattern and the love that went into these fashions!
I’ll note that Mom remains my biggest supporter and she also loves Ruby Ribbon (and has the closet to prove it!).
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