The meaning of color

I stumbled across this fun information somewhere on the internet and saved it away for a blog post. I’m going to admit to you now that I have no idea where I read it, but I thought it was interesting.

Each color has a meaning associated with it; some of the meanings are more logical than others. You may want to use these meanings as you dress for you expect you’ll need of your day.

Here are some examples of each color and what it means:

  • Red: Power, passion, love, negative
  • Orange: Confidence, cheerfulness, friendliness
  • Green: Growth, money, environment, positive
  • Blue: Trust, peace, loyalty, safety, positive
  • Purple: Royalty, mystery, spirituality
  • Brown: Outdoors, food, earth
  • Black: Formality, luxury, sophistication, neutral

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PS: I learned color merchandising at a retail job as a teenager – I can’t help but put colors in the “right” order.

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