Bye Bye Bra cami – on sale this weekend

blush-pink-cami-and-briefs.jpgJust a quick note this morning to remind you that the 20% off sale is still going on, until Oct. 16 (2017) featuring our three most popular Ruby Ribbon camis in white (a wardrobe staple) and in blush pink (in honor of #RubyRibbonCares in October to support breast cancer research)
So, who should check this sale?
Anyone that has never tried a Ruby Ribbon cami and ditched their bra  — it’s a great time to give it a try at a reduced price. These camis rarely go on sale
Anyone who has just 1-2 Ruby Ribbon camis — we recommend that you let your cami “rest” for 24 hours between wearings in order to get the best support from it. You won’t want to go back to a bra during the rest period, so be sure you have enough camis to get you through the week
Anyone that LOVES her Ruby Ribbon camis and has been wearing them for a year or more — take quick stock of the condition of your camis to see if it might be time to refresh them. After about a year of regular wearing, you may feel they are no longer giving you as much support as you wish.
And while you’re currently thinking about your wardrobe, don’t forget that we have three pink tops also on sale for 20%. Use them as layering pieces this fall.
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