Don't forget to "step in"

Don't Forget_I had a super fun Ruby Ribbon trunk show last night, with a big groups of fun women that were waiting to ditch their bras…
A few of the women arrived a bit late and missed out on my short presentation on what makes Ruby Ribbon so unique. When one of them took the Convertible Slip to try it on, she came out and told me it just didn’t fit right in the bust area.
Lucky for me, I remember that she missed the presentation and I asked her if she “stepped in.” She flashed me a look of surprise that told me she didn’t know that part. So I “suggested” that she take it off and try it on again, this time stepping in.
She was amazed, and she now has a new Convertible Slip on it’s way to her closet. We chatted about how much difference just how you put it on made. Since this something so easy to forget, I thought today might be a good day to give you that reminder. Cheers!
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