It's not just me saying it

3A few weeks ago, I asked some of my current clients who love their Ruby Ribbon cami Ruby Ribbon cami for their comments on why.  Here is what I heard:

“So comfy! Way better than a bra.”

“I wear my Ruby Ribbon cami(s) almost every day, that’s why I have six or seven. You know the saying, wear one, rest one, wash one, or something like that. I love how it really does take an inch off my waist.””

I love mine have about 5 to 6 of them wear them everyday. I hate bras now for sure. I would love another one.”

“Love my cami it’s comfortable and supportive for my back.”

Shape, smooth and look great under sheer tops!”

“I love hiding my muffin top!

“Currently wearing 1 of mine. Holding all jiggly parts where they should be.”

blush-pink-cami-and-briefs-e1509368561103.jpgblush pink cami and briefs“I’m loved how it fit when I tried it on last week. It was awesome how it skimmed out my rolls and gave me confidence in just that little time of having it on.”

“Comfy and no clasps poking my back.”

“I love the comfy straps and not having to adjust the back or underwire of my bra.”

“I have 3 and find myself wanting to wear one all the time. So comfortable!”

I’ll admit that most of these quotes could have come directly from me too. 
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