Not so "eggscellant"

So, this post has nothing whatsoever to do with fashion or clothing but I think it might brighten your day.

egg-25369_960_720.pngThis morning, I learned what happens when you start to make hard-boiled eggs and forget about them on the stove. (Right, I learned the hard way).Β  Did you know that once they reach a certain temp with no water left in the pan that they actually explode?

And, did you know that when you hear the first pop from the other room and wonder what it is, you should probably get up and go find out?

And did you know that when you hear the second pop and your curiosity gets the best of you, that when you determine that your eggs have been boiling so long that there is no longer water in the pan, that you should NOT take the cover off?
And did you know that when a boiled egg explodes with the cover off, it makes a terrible mess?
Well, now you know….

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