Be gorgeous when you travel (Tips from Sunil)

Feeling and looking gorgeous when you travel is as easy as A,B,C and D, according to fashion expert Sunil R.  In one of his latest posts, he shares his travel tips, broken down like this:

  1. What to pack
    • Create a color story for the trip, allowing you to mix and match the pieces you packed
    • Which fabrics pack best
    • Ensuring everything you pack has an 80% chance of being worn
    • Adding accessories to transform outfits quickly
    • Using scarves as a secret weapon
    • How to limit the number of shoes you bring
  2. How to pack
    • Why you want to spread out your travel outfits on the bed
    • Tips to pack the most in the least space
    • Resisting the last minute “tuckins”
  3. What to wear for the trip
    • Comfort and style is your mantra
    • Bring a shawl for cold airplanes
    • The travel “musts”
  4. What to do when you arrive
    • Unpack and hang
    • Plan your outfits

So head over to his blog to get the full scoop, but before you go, here are some of the key travel pieces that I recommend for comfort, style and ease of care.
For work, check out our (from left) Wrap Jacket, Asymmetrical Skirt, Flare Leg Pants, Trace of Lace Top, Ponte Jacket, Bell Sleeve Top and Ottoman Skirt.
Business Travel
And if you’re going on a trip for fun and leisure, take along these items (from left), Choker Top, Ottoman Ponte Leggings, Versatile Tank, Criss Cross Leggings, Tahiti Swimsuit, Cape Tunic, Jacquard Leggings, Lace Extender and Ponte Jacket.
Travel for Fun (1).png
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