A business that fits in the seat of your car

Before I started with Ruby Ribbon, I often commented that I would love to have my own business, but it was too “something” — too expensive, too risky, too time consuming to get started, too “something.”
I have chatted with several women lately that are feeling the same so I’ve been thinking about how Ruby Ribbon meets you where you are.  For women who have the “too somethings,” my recommendation would be to become my business partner using a Ruby Ribbon Shape Box.
The ShapeBox gives you everything you need to start a side-business, and is a great place to see if Ruby Ribbon will fit in your life. This box, about the size of a large laptop briefcase, contains Ruby Ribbon camis to fit 90% of the women you’ll meet, a slip, shaping brief and a boy short, plus catalogs and your own Ruby Ribbon website. Plus a connection with me as your business partner, to help you get going.
It’s not “too expensive,” in fact, many women pay off their initial costs for a ShapeBox (only $299) in just their first month with the 25% commission they earned on their sales.
It’s not “too risky” either, since you can commit to this business on your own terms — just keep it in your car and when you hear yourself raving about how much you love your Ruby Ribbon, yon can pull the ShapeBox out and let a friend try one on. You aren’t obligated to hold trunk shows or attend vendor events if that doesn’t fit into your life right now.
And, with the freedom of a ShapeBox business, it’s not “too time consuming” either. It’s there when you have time for it, and if you have it with you, it’ll be available in small snippets. Think of where you already are with women, such as your children’s sporting events, the office, and during your girlfriend time, and you’ll quickly find that you can share Ruby Ribbon and earn the rewards.
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