Business Tips We Can All Learn From

As part of my holiday shopping, I reached out to some friends to get their ideas on gifts I could purchase from local businesses. I wanted to get many of my gifts from friends, and friends of friends.
I got many great ideas and I was able to purchase some gifts from other women with home-based businesses, but one story really stands out.
20171201_232359142_ios.jpgA friend of mine shared with me that her father makes handmade and personalized leather wallets, checkbooks and tool pouches. Men can be challenging to find gifts for so I asked a few more questions. “How much?” and “Can I see a picture?”
After seeing a picture, I told her that I wanted to purchase two tool pouches. It was a super fun exchange after that. After hearing that I needed them ASAP for the weekend, since my family was having Christmas a bit early, she contacted her father. He was willing to send me the pouches right away, no money exchanged hands and no one asked how I planned to pay.
They arrived a few days later, along with a handwritten note with the cost for the pouches and it just said “plus shipping,” and I guess it was up to me to determine how much shipping actually was. I dropped a check in the mail right away (although I’ll admit that it took me a while to find my checkbook in this debit card world) and got the gifts wrapped.
As I was reflecting on this transaction later, I feel like many businesses could learn a few lessons or take a tip or two from this businessman:

Trust others — no one asked me if or how I planned to pay

Go the extra mile — the pouches were in my mailbox in just two days

Care about your customers — the service I got from the man was exceptional in my opinion

PS: I told my friend that her father didn’t charge near enough for his handiwork and she just said “He hasn’t changed his prices since the early 80’s.” I guess if you have a hobby that you love, one more tip is this:  It’s not just about the money
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