Is it Spring where you live?

Spring launched last week for Ruby Ribbon and while it’s not too warm where I’m at (and honestly from the news I suspect it’s not that warm where you live either?) but the new styles are designed to help you get into that Spring spirit.
spring is here (4)The theme of this launch to me feels relaxed and maybe a bit of a new vibe for Ruby Ribbon. We’ve got some casual pieces that I think will resonate with women who haven’t looked at Ruby Ribbon before. But, these pieces also go so well with your current Ruby Ribbon pieces and come into your wardrobe in a new way.
I “opened the box” (quite literally) at a show this week (thanks to a shipping mishap that left me a little unprepared). The women at this show seemed to really love the new pieces and they were able to find current line items to pair them with.
More styling tips and details on all the new items will be rolling out on my blog in the next few weeks so check back to learn all the insider news on these pieces.

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