Wanna spend your day in your PJs?

jog pants with demiette photo croppedI’m admitting right now that I spent most yesterday in my PJs. (Sorry, not sorry) I was working around the house and following up with clients from my business and I guess I both got caught up in my activities but also wanted that PJ comfort.
As a seasoned Ruby Ribbon stylist, I know that I should have took one of the favorite aspects of Ruby Ribbon – comfort – and put on a few of my favorite casual pieces.
A great example is our new R&R Pant; I mean even the name says it will be a great lazy weekend piece. They are #fashleisure at their best! Comfort, trendy, functional, super soft and so much more.
Made from a combo of bamboo and cotton, they are so soft you’ll actually never want to take them off. And in sizes in XS to 3XL, there is probably a pair just for you. Wear the waistband as you typically would, or go with today’s trend and turn the waistband rolled out. It also has a functioning drawstring for a snug fit, and pockets!
For the weekend, I suggest pairing them with a loose fitting top and a Ruby Ribbon demiette. If you’re going out the house, they will look great with our Laid Back Top and Hangout Hoodie, with casual shoes, of course.
2018 Spring Fashion Summary
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