What's your cami mood?

cami mood.jpgYou may not realize it but Ruby Ribbon offers three different designs of the revolutionary Ruby Ribbon “Bye Bye Bra” cami, and women select them for different reasons all the time.

The most popular is the Original with a scoop neck and a great selection of colors. While black and pale are most popular, many women pick a fun print like cheetah or viper.

My favorite style is the Sheer Collection cami.  It’s got a V-neck and beautiful sheer details. I love the fit (but not everyone does).  I have all four colors and find myself choosing the midnight blue most often.
Women love lace and the Lace Collection cami is also a hit with many women. It’s a date night cami but most wear it all the time to feel and look great.  Pick it up in wine or deep sea to treat yourself.

No matter which design you choose, you’ll be totally brafree (what an amazing feeling!)  No more underwires with comfort and shaping. Women of all styles continue to be so impressed and surprised that it works for them.

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