What are the ways to share Ruby Ribbon if you’re a stylist?

Ruby Ribbon Stylists share our clothing and shapewear products through their personalized websites (for example, mine is rubyribbon.com/chargust) and through in-person styling appointments that are either 1:1 or in a group; we call these Trunk Shows. Trunk shows can even be online.

I love holding trunk shows. They are my favorite ways to sell Ruby Ribbon because they are fun, social, and casual get-togethers that last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. (And it’s also where a Stylist can really maximize her dollars per hour.)

We have two types of shows a Stylist can do:

  1. “Bye-Bye Bra” show that typically lasts no more than 45 minutes and helps every woman ditch her bra
  2. 90 minute Ultimate shows that show what a woman wears from her foundation-wear to a completed look

Trunk Shows can be hosted almost anywhere…

Best of all Trunk Shows  can happen virtually through Online experiences.  Imagine shopping online late at night with the benefit of a personal touch – someone who can give you all the sizing, styling and personal service you need, without having to leave your home! Or, think about hosting a party on Facebook, with my unique and themed online trunk show format that women love.

Want to learn more?  Join my online community to ask questions and get answers.

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