There is no typical Ruby Ribbon stylist

Let me tell you a little bit about the life of a Ruby Ribbon stylist – who she is and how you might see yourself in her shoes. (I know, since I am one myself.)

Being a Stylist means you can run your own business, at your desired pace, earning an income that’s truly worth your time and effort.

If you were to come to one of our Ruby Ribbon events, you would find Stylists who have full time jobs as varied as they come! From corporate employees & attorneys to police officers, flight attendants and nurses.  I work as a VP at a software company as my “day job,” for example. You’ll also find Stylists who flex in and out based on their life: teachers and students who prefer to run their business during the summer, or full-time moms who squeeze a few Trunk Shows wherever they can.

Some of them do it to supplement their income. Some women do it for the incredible business network and community of like-minded women who share business tips and support one another with advice, humor and love.

And others still become Stylists simply to bring bring joy, girlfriends, travel and adventure into their lives. (This is mainly the reason I do it — the joy of seeing a woman’s face light up when she finds the perfect outfit that fits just right.)

Travel?  Sure!  Many women specifically work just to earn our all-expense paid vacations,  And others work to travel and see the world.  We also have optional business training conferences throughout the year in San Francisco and this year our annual conference is in Chicago.

And most of our Stylists have team members across the country that they’ve met online or through friends!  For my team, just a handful are local here in ND but we stay connected virtually.

The best part about this business is that you don’t have to choose your “reason” for being a Stylist forever!  This isn’t a 9-to-5 job with a 30-minute commute and 2-weeks of vacation a year.  This is a job that actually fits with your ever-changing life and can flex up or down based on what you want it for.

To learn more about becoming a Ruby Ribbon stylist, and possibly also win a free Ruby Ribbon cami, contact me and I will invite you to our 30-minute call. It’s often hosted by our CEO Anna Zornosa. 

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