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Designer shares “Must Have” Wardrobe Colors for Fall 2018

I’ve written about my friend Sunil before, and he’s back at his blogging (actually, he never quit) and now he’s sharing the “must have colors for Fall 2018.” Sunil is a fashion designer and write a fashion blog called “Sunil Styles.”

Of course you should read the article yourself, where he highlights the colors, shows examples of the fashions he’s seeing and shares tips on how to wear them this season. But I’m sharing his color selections here as a quick read for you, and I’ve included my takeaways from his fashion advice.

“Color is the most effective way to update your look and also make you feel ready to take on the season.”  — Sunil
  1. Power Red — all about individuality and standing out; strong color for accessories; one of the newest ways to wear it is to mix it with pink
  2. Silver Grey — a very refined silver tint; great chic color for head to toe dressing; mix it with camel or orange for an edgier look
  3. Pretty Pink — pairs well with both grey and brown; strong color for evening and surprisingly outer wear; it is perfectly okay to wear head to toe pink.
  4. Dance Top from Ruby Ribbon
    Dance Top in Mink

    Chocolate Brown — luxury without the calories; warmer alternative to black (at Ruby Ribbon, we often call this color “mink brown”)

  5. Winter White — looks great mixed with black and brown; white boots are a big trend this season; good color to transition you from Summer to Fall when mixed with denim
  6. Sunny Spicy Yellow — signifies warmth and optimism; mixes well with grey and camel; big color for activewear
  7. Suedette Tunic from Ruby Ribbon
    Suedette Tunic

    Bright Blue — great accent color; universally flattering; mix it with grey and black for a more sophisticated urban feel or contrast it with pink or orange for that wow factor

  8. Vibrant Orange — great pop color for outerwear; pairs well with black and brown; ,ix it with grey and pink for an unexpected twist
  9. Not so Basic Black — does not need to be basic and boring; black is all about texture from matte to gloss from smooth to quilted and from flat to pile; wear head to toe black or mix and contrast the textures for a modern take

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