Successful Women Discuss Six Mistakes Women Make

Anna Zornosa, the CEO at Ruby Ribbon, was recently featured in an article on CNBC, highlighting her perception of the “gig economy” and the most common mistakes women make in business. The gig economy is a labor market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent job.

She’s featured with two other female CEOs who joined together to poll 1000 working women to learn more about how women feel about the gig economy.

“It’s not a competition between traditional work and a side hustle,” said Anna Zornosa, CEO and founder of the shapewear and fashion site Ruby Ribbon. The company has had year-over-year growth of 60 percent to 100 percent since starting in 2012, Zornosa says.

The article even includes a graph highlighting the key business skills that women learn while working a side hustle. Customer service skills was touted as the primary business skill learned.

You should read the entire article to really get the best tips and explanation on what mistakes you should avoid in business, but here are the top six.

For me, every job I’ve had has helped me hone business skills, and I often think about how the job I work during the day and my side hustle complement one another. When I’m working with a team that builds software for real estate professionals, I can relate to them in a meaningful way as I understand their challenges in sales, staying motivated, using their time wisely and so much more.

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