Gift Wrapping Like a Pro

While I was in high school, one of the part-time jobs I had was working at the gift wrap desk at a local department store. With hours of gift wrapping experience, sharing my tips on how to wrap your holiday presents like a professional gift wrapper.

Sidenote: At the gift wrap desk, I worked with a fabulous woman named Letta. She loved to joke around and would often say things in the back room like, “Of course, we would love to wrap your bird cage.”

One of the main items that we wrapped a lot was a single place setting of china. It was (and probably still is) a very common wedding gift. Even 30 years later, I could probably still tear off exactly the right length of silver wrapping paper to wrap a place setting. We even had paper that was the exact width to fit a single place setting. If you tried to choose another paper pattern that was a different, we did our best to talk you out of it (with a smile, of course.)

My best gift wrapping tips are below. But I also recorded this 2 minute video to show my gift wrapping technique in action. 

Here are the top tips I shared in the video:

Gift Wrapping Video

My Gift Wrapping Tips

  1. Cut the wrapping paper as close to the correct size as you need; you can wrap faster if you don’t have to keep trimming the paper
  2. Try to line up the seam of the paper with the edge of the box, giving the appearance of an invisible seam wrap
  3. Slip double-stick tape between layers of the paper; no tape will show on the outside of the package
  4. Fold all edges for a smooth and polished look; the raw edge of the paper shouldn’t show
  5. Crease all the edges of the box after wrapping for a crisp edge

🎄Happy Holidays!🎁 Just enjoy the time you spend gift wrapping. I often find myself thinking both about the person that I am wrapping the gift for, but also how much I think they will like that gift

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