Say Bye Bye to your Bra

Breaking Up With Your Bra Is Hard

If you’ve been hanging around here on “Style with Char” for a hot minute, you’ve probably heard me talk about ditching your bra. Hopefully, many of you have already had the chance to break up with your bra, but maybe you’re holding out? You maybe have concerns that the Ruby Ribbon Bye Bye Bra cami just won’t work for you. Let’s talk about that….

Here are some of the reasons that I hear from women who are holding out about breaking up with their bra, along with a few thoughts from my perspective.

  • “I doubt it will fit my cup size!” — For nearly all women, we have a cami to fit. Our sizes range from 30B to 50K bra sizes.
  • “There is no way it will give me enough support.” — When you first look at a Ruby Ribbon cami, I agree it looks like it just won’t work. It’s the technology built into the cami that is different from anything you might have tried. It will support up to a K bra size without underwires. I have helped more than 600 women of ALL sizes ditch their bras for good. And, according to the stats that Ruby Ribbon tracks, 90% of our customers tell a friend about Ruby Ribbon because they’re so impressed.
  • “I don’t see enough coverage in the cami?” — The cups in a Ruby Ribbon cami are thin. To give you a little more coverage, we do offer petals, which provide a bit of shaping or some discrete coverage for those who want it. About 1/3 of my clients get petals to tuck into their cami.
  • “I would want something more like a bra, not a cami.” — In addition to the cami, we also have a Demiette, which is more “bralike,” but still gives you great definition and support. Our demiettes fit women with a 32-44 bra band size.
  • “I would get too hot wearing that.” — A Ruby Ribbon cami has wicking properties just like high performance athletic wear, pulling heat and moisture away from your skin. I wear a Ruby Ribbon cami all year, including humid days in ND.
  • “On me, that cami is going to roll up and be uncomfortable.” — Thanks to the invisible silicone gripper edge on a Ruby Ribbon cami, it won’t roll. If it’s rolling, you’re wearing the wrong size.
Rae says “I am not wearing a bra!”

Still have questions? Message me for sizing help or to get your questions answered. Let’s help you “break up with your bra!”

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