A monochrome look is definitely the new black

A monochrome look is definitely the “new black”

How often do you dress in a monochrome outfit? If it’s frequent, you may be right in style. Dressing in a monochrome color palette is on-trend right now.

Monochrome dressing means wearing the same color from head to toe. The clothing pieces can have different textures and/or similar shades of that color. With monochrome dressing, you get an all-over tonal look.

A two-piece monochromatic outfit - black HiLo Tunic from Storyline Collection with black capri leggings

Not only is monochrome dressing trendy right now, it has some other fashion benefits.

  • It stands out and is definitely eye-catching.
  • It makes it easier for you to experiment with fabrics and textures; when the pieces are all the same color, you can find out your preferences for mixing and matching with textural contrast.
  • You might have already heard this, but monochrome dressing will also make you look slimmer. Your silhouette will be elongated and uninterrupted, so you’ll appear taller and slimmer.

Putting a monochrome look to work for you

To look your best when dressing monochromatically, be sure to choose a single color that looks great on you. Maybe it’s your favorite color or a color you always get compliments on when you wear it. Or, make an always safe bet and go with a monochromatic neutral like black or gray.

Feel free to add interest with textures like fur, lace, embroidery, panels or embellishments. You can even select a print that is primarily your chosen color; it will add interest but still provide the benefits of a monochromatic outfit.

An example of a monochromatic outfit using a pattern.

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