Caring for your Ruby Ribbon shapewear

Best Practices for Caring for your Ruby Ribbon Shapewear

You love your Ruby Ribbon cami! Yes! And you want it to last as long as possible (we all do!) Today, I’m giving you information on caring for your Ruby Ribbon shapewear to extend the life of these important pieces in your lingerie drawer.

Tips for caring for your Ruby Ribbon shapewear

  • Handle with care – Pull on your Ruby Ribbon cami or slip gently from the neckline. Don’t pull up from the straps.
  • Rest between wearings – We recommend you wait 24 hours between wearings to extend the life of your Ruby Ribbon cami or slip. I like to say “it needs time to go back where it came from.”
  • Mind the edge – The first place you’ll likely notice wear on your Ruby Ribbon  cami is the invisible gripper edge. The gripper edge should always be placed on clean, dry, and lotion-free skin or on top of Ruby Ribbon shaping bottoms. The silicone will fray over time, but this is normal wear and tear and I find that that it will still stay put. It helps to roll up the gripper edge before you pull up your cami in order to protect it.
  • Machine Wash – Use cold water with regular detergent after 2-3 washes. Never use Woolite or fabric softener. Make sure your cami it “outside-out,” (not inside out) when washing. Wash it in a lingerie bag if you have one. (It’s also fine to hand wash your Ruby Ribbon  shapewear if you wish.)
  • Air Dry – Dry it flat or on a line. The wicking material dries quickly. You should never put your Ruby Ribbon  shapewear in the dryer.

These tips will help you get the longest life from the Ruby Ribbon items you love when you’re caring for your Ruby Ribbon shapewear.

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