Outfits for variety of occasions with just 7 pieces

To help emphasize the Storyline Collection “mix and match” concept, I used just 7 pieces to create examples of outfits for a variety of occasions. These six pieces included five pieces from the new Storyline Collection Holiday Launch, plus a basic pair of jeans and a swimsuit, both items nearly all of us have in our closets.

To create these outfits, here are the five Storyline Collection pieces I used:

  • Wrap Cardigan — I choose black in this cardigan, which can be worn over both tops, and styled in a variety of ways to look like both a jacket or a top on it’s own. (Stay tuned for future videos on how to create many “looks” with this classic piece. Besides black, it also comes in a holiday red.
  • Classic Tunic — In the Electric Lily print, this tunic in a floral pattern will become a mainstay in your wardrobe. It’s also available in both black and red.
  • Flirty Skirt – a fun (and flirty, hence the name) skirt that hits right at the knee
  • Turnaround Top — a tank that can be worn with either the v-neck or boat neckline at the front, giving it a feel of two tops in one. Choose red, black or Electric Lily
  • Wide Leg Pants — a comfortable and polished pant in a packable jersey fabric

Seven pieces styled five ways

Here are five ways I styled these seven pieces for upcoming occasions. Just think of the easily packing options you might have if you look beyond just one outfit and instead pack these “mix and match” garments. These outfits include just three pair of shoes. Accessories can be added to

We all know the temperatures on airplanes can fluctuate, but you can be ready by wearing layers that will serve your throughout a trip. Layer the Wrap Cardigan over the Classic Tunic. And wear the Wide Leg Pants for comfy travel.

For a casual sightseeing trip, grab your favorite jeans and summer sandals, paired with the Classic Tunic for a breezy look.

Ready for a night on the town? Just pair your Turnaround Top with the Wide Leg Pants. Add some bling and showstopping heels.

When it’s time for business, your Classic Tunic resurfaces, paired with the Flirty Skirt. It’s professional (and comfortable). What more could you ask for? Pair with a black low shoe.

Swimsuit and Flirty Skirt to wear at pool

When it’s time for some R&R and sun by the pool, your swimsuit will look great with the Flirty Skirt, along with your sandals and a beach hat.

Want to learn more about mixing and matching a few key pieces into a versatile wardrobe? Take my free mini course to learn how to take just 10 pieces and make more than 40 outfits from them. It’s just five minutes a day for four days with tips for selecting the right garments for your capsule collection and how to style them in a variety of ways.

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