Is it time to refresh your cami?

Is it time to refresh your Ruby Ribbon cami?

I know you ❤️ love your Ruby Ribbon cami. I mean, who doesn’t love getting all that support without underwires? Or taking an inch off your waist – isn’t that awesome. But once you’ve worn your Ruby Ribbon cami for a while, you may start to wonder if it’s time to refresh your cami?

Signs you need a refresh your Ruby Ribbon cami

If you’re not sure if you need a cami refresh, here are a few signs that you need a cami refresh:

  • The first place that will start to show wear in your Ruby Ribbon cami is the invisible gripper edge. It may start to fray a little. I find that it will hold your cami in place (no rolling) for a long time even after the gripper edge starts to deteriorate. But eventually, this might be your signal that you need a new cami or two.
  • You don’t feel like you’re getting as much support as you used to. Over time, your cami will relax a bit but you’ll still get support from it. This feeling of less support will happen faster if you aren’t resting it for 24 hours between wearings.
  • If you’re finding that you don’t have the right color or style to wear with a certain outfit, that also might be a reason to get a refresh. Maybe you need a pale cami to wear under white, or you need a Sheer Full Support cami to wear with a plunging neckline?

One way to also tell if your Ruby Ribbon cami is wearing out is how much wear the small Ruby Ribbon logo has on the outside of the cami. The logo is located near the base of the cami on the front. As the cami wears, this logo also will fade.

It’s personal

Really, the decision to get a new Ruby Ribbon cami can vary from person-to-person. The length of time that a cami lasts can vary based upon how often you wear them, how many camis have that you are rotating through, and even how careful you are when you put it on. (I always tell my clients to be extra careful as they step in and pull the cami over their hips, which is often their widest part.)

In fact, I think that sometimes, seeing a new color or pattern that you fall in love with is reason enough to get a new Ruby Ribbon cami.

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