Shapewear for your body type

Finding the shapewear best for your body type

Shapewear, you love to hate it, but maybe it’s because you don’t have the right shapewear. As you shop for shapewear, I recommend that you think about body type and how that might impact the shapewear pieces that make sense for you. In this post, I drill down on what shapewear works best for your body type. 

Beyond body shape, you also should think about the quality and comfort of the shapewear you’re getting. When she started the company, Ruby Ribbon’s founder set out to make shapewear that was both pretty and comfortable. No more seeing women in the restroom taking off their uncomfortable shapewear and stuffing it into their purse or handbag.

Here are my tips are finding the best shapewear for you, based upon your body type. (If you need help determining which is your body type, I am happy to help.)

Shapewear best for Apple body type

Apply body shape
Apply body shape

With your waist larger than your hips and/or your shoulders, you carry your weight in your middle. Look for shapewear that will help you define your waist. Here are some options from Ruby Ribbon:

  • Sheer High Waist Brief with a demiette – The sexy high waist brief will shape your midriff and tummy; pairing with a Ruby Ribbon demiette makes you supported by underwire free. 
  • Shaping Briefs with a Bye Bye Bra cami – This shaping brief can take up to 1″ from your waist and you’ll get even more waist “help” when you pair them with a Ruby Ribbon cami. 

Shapewear best for Pear body type

Pear body shapeYou’re curvy at the hips and thighs and smaller on top and likely want to trim your thighs and firm up your bottom. Here are the best Ruby Ribbon shapewear items for you:

  • On-Waist Thigh Slimmer with a Bye Bye Bra cami – Our On Waist Thigh Slimmer is perfect to wear under skirts, pants and dresses. (It’s my personal favorite under skirts and I love wearing it with a Ruby Ribbon cami for just a bit more tummy taming.)
  • High Waist Thigh Slimmer with a demiette – Our high waisted thigh slimmer lifts, smooths and trims! Trim your waist up to 1 1/2”, your thighs by up to 1”, and lift your back side in one everyday shaper.  Pairs perfectly with any Ruby Ribbon demiette.

Shapewear best for Pencil body type

Pencil body shapeSince your shoulders, waist and hips are all a similar width, you are looking for ways to better define your waist and also to give your butt a lift. Here are several Ruby Ribbons you might like: 

  • Shaping Briefs with a cami or demiette – The Shaping Briefs give a butt lift for under $40, plus no visible panty lines! Wear them with your favorite Ruby Ribbon cami or demiette for underwire-free support.
  • High Waist Thigh Slimmer with a demiette – Another option for a butt life, plus the extra shaping in the things. 
  • Convertible Slip with Boy Short – a popular choice on a Pencil body type, the Convertible Slip offers built-in shaping panels to flatter your tummy and the Boy Shorts are light and comfortable under. The Convertible Slip can be worn strapless or with convertible straps in a variety of neckline configurations
  • Half Slip with a cami or demiette – use the Half Slip for strategic sculpting for under all skirts and dresses; the “anti-pancake butt technology” also will lift your rear.

Shapewear best for Hourglass body type

Hour Glass Body ShapeYour shoulders and hips are about the same width and you have a smaller waist. You have a figure that many women would love to have, but you have a few bulges that you want to “redirect.” Use these ideas to find the Ruby Ribbon shapewear to give you a little extra help. 

  • Convertible Slip or Sheer Slip – get all-over smoothing and shaping under dresses and skirts with a Ruby Ribbon slip. You’ll get great bust support, while slimming and smoothing your waist, hips and backside.
  • On-Waist Thigh Slimmer with a Bye Bye Bra cami – to trim your thighs (if you need that), the On-Waist Thigh Slimmer is just what you need. Pair with a Ruby Ribbon cami for all-over coverage and you will also replace your underwire bra

Want to learn more about what shapewear works best for your body type or ask some questions on how to dress for your body shape? Click here to get a size and style recommendation.

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