Peach Reversible Leggings

Reversible Leggings – because two is better than one!

With new patterns to add to your workout wardrobe, you’ll want to pick up a pair of Peach Reversible Leggings, because two is better than one. (Well maybe there are times when that isn’t true, but it definitely is with these leggings.)

Each of the patterns in these reversible leggings can be turned inside out for a completely different plain color pair of leggings. What a trick! These leggings are wicking with light compression and flatlock seams to minimize any chafing. They also have a pocket (yes, I said pocket!) in the waistband that is large enough to hold a credit card, or maybe your key.

You can pair these reversible leggings with a seamless tank or Pima t-shirt for working out, or while relaxing at a yoga session. Or, you can wear them for a casual day with a longer top. The are stylish while still being versatile and are mad of an poly Spandex blend. Sizes range from XS to XXL and they are a tight compression that will hug your body.

As I noted, each print reverses to a different solid color on the inside:

  • Serpentine print in shades of blue and purple reverses to Dark Gray
  • Matte Gray Camo print in several shades of gray (maybe not 50) reverses to Gray
  • Dreamscape print in super light pastel shades reverses to Pale Blue

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