What to wear on valentine's day

What to wear for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just 10 days away and it’s not too early to start planning what you’re going to wear for Valentine’s Day. No matter how you choose to celebrate this holiday of love and relationships, you will want to look your best for your valentine.

Here are my tips on what to wear for Valentine’s Day, depending upon how you’re celebrating. In all of these suggestions, you’ll notice that my ideas lean towards lots of red and pink options, keeping in the spirit of the Valentines Day holiday.

Date night out

Are you planning a date night to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Here are two options, depending upon how much glam you want:

Fashions for date night

A traditional Valentine’s Date night may mean you dress to the nines, such as in a showstopping dress with heels (maybe even red heels?). Just a bit of bling and you’ve made it an outfit.

But you can look equally glammed up in something slightly more casual, such as a 2-piece (pants and top) “jumpsuit” that is easy to wear and perfect for date night. (And these two pieces are so versatile in your wardrobe, pair them with nearly anything.) This outfit also would be great with red heels. Add a red wrap or jacket to give it the Valentine vibe.

Casual, with Jeans

Casual with jeans

If it’s a more casual date night, grab something pink for the perfect Valentine feel. Maybe a cozy feel with a shiny velvet finish, or dress it down even further with a French Terry sweatshirt (but chose one with a little extra style like version with the silvery zipper accents).

Pair either of these with jeans, plus black booties and you’re ready for dinner and a movie on a Valentine’s Friday night.

Vacation Getaway

Fun red outfits for Valentines day

Did that special someone surprise you with a Valentine Getaway? Make sure you pack some red and pink pieces to celebrate the holiday on your trips.

For example, these leggings (animal print meets crimson) just seem to roar with a Valentine’s Day feel. Easy to wear with a matching tank.

And if you’re hitting the pool or the beach, pack a slimming red swimsuit to stand out while enjoying some sunshine from your lounge chair.

Just Lounging

Just Lounging

If Valentine’s means the ultimate in lounging for you, these lavender jammies may be just perfect. Snuggle in for a romantic evening at home.

Or kick it up a notch with some kiss red lingerie (if that’s your style, and we hope it is).

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