What to wear with Olive Leggings

Nine ways to rock your olive-colored leggings

In a recent Facebook live, I talked about olive-colored Leggings and it came up that some women aren’t sure what to wear with olive-colored leggings. For an unassuming color, olive-colored Leggings can make quite an impact. In this post, I’m sharing nine examples of outfits of different colors and styles, all using these olive leggings as the base.

You can consider your olive-colored leggings as a neutral in your closet. They will match any other neutral, such as black, tan, taupe, brown or white. They also can be worn with most animal prints. Plus, you can pair with deep fall-feeling tones like burgundy or red or even soft pastels like pale pink, yellow or lavender.

You can consider your olive-colored leggings as a neutral in your closet. Share on X

Here are nine colors that look great with olive-colored leggings; scroll down for more details on each outfit.

Now for the outfits using olive-colored leggings!

Above I’ve shared nine different outfit ideas to wear with the Ruby Ribbon Side Cinch Leggings.

  1. Since olive leggings act as a neutral color, you could easily pair them with either a black or even a red Turnaround Top. Add a layer over them if you need to (depends upon your climate today) and spend your style energy on adding just the right accessories. Either of these tops would look great with an animal print scarf.
  2. Keep it basic with wardrobe staples like a basic white tee and a cute black blazer over it. The key to this outfit is accessorizing to make it your own.
  3. A pale pink pairs well with olive and this velvety Sofie Sweatshirt fits the bill. What a cute and casual pairing; just add ankle booties and you are out the door.
  4. Or, take pale pink up a level by pairing the Side Cinch Leggings with the fuzzy Copenhagen Coat. With a silk lining, it’s more of a light layer than a true coat and easy to wear all day. Put a basic layer under like a white or cream tee to keep the focus on the coat.
  5. White works well with olive too, and this white sweater does the trick. The airy silhouette of this sweater and the Chiffon inset at the side and bottom hem makes it great with leggings.
  6. Style your olive-colored leggings in a casual way with this pale blue Tilde Pullover. Add sneakers and you’re out the door.
  7. Pair this chic, super-versatile sweater in a rich garnet color that is begging to be worn with olive. It will be a great look for work, brunch or a dinner date.
  8. Carry that garnet color into your wardrobe in other ways, such as this cute cape. It’s a bold statement piece that looks stunning with olive leggings. The alter ego of this cape comes in black and khaki, which would also be a perfect match with olive.
  9. You might think this outfit is a little “out there” but the colors in the Island Floral Classic Tunic are perfect with olive. This tunic is the perfect length to wear with leggings too, hitting low on our butt on most women. Pair with black ankle booties. With a printed top like this, minimal jewelry is needed, maybe a black bracelet?

I hope you find inspiration in these ideas. I know that not every idea is right for everyone. Use these pictures to help you think about how you might style olive leggings in your own wardrobe. Enjoy! Feel free to comment below on which of these nine outfits inspire you the most.

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