Get dressed

Maybe it’s time to get dressed?

So, we’re all a few days into working from home, right? At least a bunch of us that work in offices all over the country probably have transitioned to a home office or a corner somewhere at home. You’ve maybe been working in your PJs or your rattiest sweatpants? So, I’m here to give you some advice – it’s time to get dressed!

Yep, I mean it. It’s time.

You may not realize it (or maybe you’re starting to feel it) that what you’re wearing affects your mood and your confidence and even how you show up. So, if you want to continue to excel at the (home) office, you need to make an effort – or at least, get dressed.

By now you might be saying, but wait, I’m at home. I’ve got no time for heels, shapewear and tight waistbands. And, I hear you!

But I still say it’s time to get dressed!

Like I said, I hear you when you say you want to be comfortable. I want that for you every day, even at the office. So I’m going to give you some tips on what to wear when you’re working at home in order to look and feel great and give yourself that emotional boost, but still retain the comfort that working at home can provide.

Make Leggings Your “Go-To”

My first tip for dressing to work at home is to ground your wardrobe in leggings. We already all know that they are super comfortable. And they are so easily to dress up with a few layers. In the main picture for this blog post I shared several pictures of the latest Peach leggings, showing some cute outfits you can easily pull together. Each of these pairs basic t-shirts and tanks with leggings. Add a fun layer like a comfy cardigan or the Ponte Blazer and you have a great outfit that will take you out the door if you need to run an errand.

Accessorize Your Top Half

When it comes to zoom calls, it’s only the upper body that matters (hey, you know this). So, think about focusing your accessories there. 

You can wear pretty much anything from designer headscarves to cremation jewelry. Just make sure that whatever you put on stands out on camera. Don’t be afraid to go oversized. Flaunt it all. It’ll look totally different on-screen. 

Go Boho

Finally, a pant that’s stylish and versatile enough to wear all day. Check out the Modern Boho Pant. It will feel like you’re lounging at home but has a stylish silhouette. It’s just screams loungewear-meets-fashion. Pair them with a Pima Crew Neck tee and you’re set. Accessories are up to you.

Tailored but Comfortable

With all the video conferencing happening while we’re working at home, you may have situations where you need to look even more polished, but you still want to retain that “work at home” comfort. (No worries.) Try the professional look of the Trailblazer Button Down, which features a comfortable, wrinkle resistant and uber-stretchy fabric in crisp white. It’s a timeless office look.

And, think about it, you can pair this button down with nearly any bottoms because the camera just shows your upper half, right? But if you’re actually going out, they look great with your favorite Ponte pants.

OK, well, if you must! (but really, get dressed)

So after all that, maybe you just aren’t ready to get dressed? (I’m telling you, you’ll feel it in your mood if you do.) Well, Peach also has you covered in the PJ department with this pair of lavendar jams called the Langsom Lounge Set. It’s a two-piece super soft set that just feel lux. It would be my pick if you just can’t get dressed.

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