Debut of “Most Fun Stylists on the Internet”

Yesterday was the debut of the “Most Fun Stylists on the Internet,” a video series that features Char (that’s me!) and Carolyn. Maybe right now it’s only our opinion, but we’re working to confirm it with your vote as the most fun stylists on the Internet. We’ve teamed up to bring you regular fashion tips and style news, plus whatever amusement we can sprinkle in to keep you coming back to see what’s happening next.

In the debut episode (below), we introduce you to the concept of investment dressing and price per wear, the amount a garment costs when you spread the cost out over the number of times that you wear it. Some items in our closet that you love and wear over and over again can have a price per wear that’s measured in cents. But those bad clothes shopping decisions can go the other way, for sure.

most fun stylists on the internet

Carolyn and I have known each other for years and share a passion for making fashion fun for all women. We both live in the Midwest and help women with selecting and fitting mix-and-match clothing, revolutionary shapewear, slimming swimwear and quality activewear.

In future episodes, we’re planning to further our discussion on investment dressing, but then move on to how to dress for your specific body shape. We hope to also discuss how to pack like a pro, and we’ll be sure to cover what’s the best fashion for all situations (including taking out the garbage).

Below you’ll find the first episode, but be sure to follow our Youtube playlist to keep in touch as we continue our goal of entertaining you as the “Most Fun Stylists on the Internet” (in our opinion, of course).

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