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Two easy ways to clean out your closet

If your closet is starting to need a little TLC, today I’m sharing two easy ways to clean out your closet.

  • Maybe you need to go through and remove items that are worn or don’t fit?
  • Maybe you want to streamline your closet to make it faster and easier to get dressed each morning?
  • Maybe your closet is so overflowing that you just don’t even know what you have and what you wear anymore?

I’ve got your back! Here are my two tips for easily determining what should stay in your closet and what deserves a second look.

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Method 1 – Backwards Hangers

One easy way to find out what you are wearing the most is to turn all the hangers in your closet backwards on the rod. (I know, it will look silly, but trust me, the clothes still hang just fine with way.) Then, as you wear and wash clothing items from your closet, turn the hangers back around the correct way. You will then have an easy visual of what items you haven’t worn in a while.

I would recommend that you even put a sticky note up in the closer somewhere with the date that you swapped all the hangers backwards so you know how long it’s been since you wore those backwards-hanger items.

This method works no matter how you organize your closet. When you’re ready to cull out the items that are just taking up space, go through the hangers one by one and remove any item on a backwards hanger. Ask yourself why you’re not wearing it.

  • Remove anything that doesn’t fit or just isn’t your style any longer.
  • For items that need repairs, take them to get repaired; don’t leave them taking up space (and mental clutter) in our closet.
  • If you don’t wear it because it doesn’t match anything in your closet, decide if you should keep it around taking up space; if you decide to keep it, make a shopping note to get what you need to style it for you.
Turn all hangers backward on the closet rod, then return worn items to the closet with the hanger acting correctly to easily identify items worn more.

Method 2 – The Left/Right Trick

Here’s another way that I personally use to track what items in my closet I’m not wearing (and may not even realize it). I organize my closet by category. All the pants are hung together on pants hangers; all the tanks are together, long sleeve tops together, dresses together, you get the idea, I think.

When I put something away that I’ve worn, I put it on the far left side of the clothes in that category. So when I wear a tank, I return it to the far left side of the section of my closet where all my tanks are hung.

If I want to take a quick assessment of what I’m not wearing, I can easily at the far right hangers in a section of my closet and see the things I just haven’t worn lately. Do I really need that pair of pants hanging on the right end of the Pants section? Maybe they don’t fit, or maybe I don’t have anything that matches them? Maybe they are super dressy and I don’t have a place to wear them?

You can use this method to find those items that are just taking up space and then use my tips above in Method 1 to help you determine what to do with those pieces that aren’t working in your wardrobe right now.

If you return worn items to the left side of a group of similar clothing, over time the items rarely worn will begin to collect on the right side of that grouping.

Looking for more ways to streamline your wardrobe? Download my free “Formula for Getting Dressed Effortlesslyebook to learn to get dressed in 10 minutes each day while looking polished and professional.

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