Peach Flex Tee in Fall 2020 capsule

New Peach T-shirt Highlights Character Strengths

A new Peach t-shirt debuted in the Peach 2020 Fall Collection and that t-shirt highlights character strengths that can be found in men and women all over the globe. These character strengths are identified in the Via Strengths Survey (which is free to take).

Character strengths are the positive parts of your personality that impact how you think, feel and behave. Scientists have identified 24 character strengths that you have the capacity to express. By taking the VIA Survey you will discover your unique character strengths profile.

Peach Flex Tee

Called the Flex Tee, this is a graphic tee with style and motivation. The nine internal strengths identified on this t-shirt are the strengths that surface frequently in women. They include perspective, kindness, love, curiosity, bravery, gratitude, zest, creativity and hope. (Fun fact, Char’s top five are creativity, curiosity, bravery, love of learning, and judgment – with zest a solid 6th strenth.)

These strengths are a key tenet of the Peach community and are featured in their empowering Thrive workshops held nearly every Thursday morning on the Peach Facebook page.

Peach T-shirt Features

Key features of the Flex Tee are the ultra-comfy, moisture-wicking performance fabric, curved hemline for added coverage, and signature 4-way stretch so it moves with you. It comes in sizes XXS to XXL and is semi-fitted, skimming your body comfortably.

Peach T-shirt Styling

The Flex Tee can be worn casually and is even suitable for a great workout at the gym. Here are a few ideas on what to pair with this cute t-shirt.

  • For a classic weekend look, pair it with your favorite jeans and a baseball hat, maybe even with a “with love Peach” logo (the Peach Modern Boho Pants are also a great comfy weekend choice)
  • Going out shopping with a friend, top with the Peach Ponte Blazer, their stretch-woven Verano Pant and a pair of cute boots
  • And, at the gym, slip on a pair of Thea Capri leggings (also from Peach) and get to work

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