Solely Jane interchangeable shoes

New Concept in Shoes Introduced

Today I’m excited to introduce you to a new concept in shoes that I recently discovered. They are called Solely Jane and they fashionable (IMO the most important), comfortable (also pretty important) and interchangeable (meaning they bring a unique shoe concept that you may not have been before).

You heard me right when I said “interchangeable!” The shoes are constructed with interlocking rails and channels that run the length of the shoes with tabs that hold the tops in place. This means you can purchase one Comfort Sole base and as many Solemate tops as you wish. You can then change the look of the shoes instantly to match whatever you’re wearing.

Variety of shoe styles from Solely Jane brand
400Just a handful of the styles offered by Solely Jane

A new concept in shoes

Solely Jane shows provide you with so many benefits. You can save space in your closet by easily storing as many Solemate tops as you need. They store flat and are about the size of a larger padded envelope. And, just think how easily you can pack for a vacation and have all the shoes you want (or should I say NEED) without taking extra luggage. They are also built to be comfortable with a gentle platform heel and rocker toe. The dense foam padding gives you plenty of cushion to keep your feet feeling fabulous all day long.

Always on-trend

Solely Jane stays on top of the latest fashion trends and designs with those trends in mind. You can choose Solely Jane shows that reflect your own sense of style, easily matching them with your wardrobe and fashion sense. You’ll find this new concept of shoes offered in classy, sexy, sassy, fun and casual style, but always also comfortable.

Get a true fit

Because the base and the tops are independent in this new concept in shoes, you can always get the perfect fit. For standard sizing, just get your regular size base and tops. If you have a wide foot, get your regular size in the Comfort Sole and size up one in the Solemate toppers. For narrow feet (it’s probably obvious) but size down in the toppers.

The shoes are constructed with high quality materials and tested extensively to make sure they meet their high standards. They are also tested by an expert, 3rd party tester for a second round of quality assessment before they are offered to our customers.

Solely Jane Comfort Base shown with Phoenix Solemate in black and Adelaide Solemate in Snakeskin
Example of Solely Jane Comfort Base and 2 Soulmate top styles

Love your feet with a new concept in shoes!

Change your style whenever, and wherever you want.

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