Benefits of shopping at Style with Char Studio

Benefits of shopping at Style with Char Studio

Shopping has changed since March, hasn’t it? While you are probably shopping online a lot more, do you wish you could do more in-store shopping? Let’s talk about the benefits of shopping at Style with Char Studio.

I believe you’ll finding many benefits of shopping at Style with Char Studio. I’m summarizing my thoughts on the benefits into these three categories:

  • Experience four unique brands
  • Personalized service in a special setting
  • You decide the crowd size
Benefits of shopping at Style with Char Studio

Experience four unique brands

When you shop in person, you can feel, see, and touch the items. (Wait, for real! <insert sarcasm voice>) You can verify fit and quality too. Style with Char Studio offers four brands that you can’t find in other local retail stores. I’ve personally selected these for my clients and their unique taste and style. I stock samples in a variety of sizes and styles. You try-on and we create your order together, and your new items arrive in about a week.

  • Peach Fashions – I think you’ll love Peach for the fashions – including trendy stylish pieces that are unique. They are grounded in a line of “Essentials” that are the staples in your wardrobe and then sprinkle in seasonal items with pizzazz. They also offer accessories with each season.
  • Storyline Collection Fashions – Storyline Collection is a well-defined line of classic pieces, centered around a mix-and-match concept designed to make getting dressed each day simple. Think versatility without complexity.
  • Ruby Ribbon Intimates – I’ve offered Ruby Ribbon the longest (nearly six years!) and it’s the workhorse of your wardrobe. It’s built around the world-s best shapewear (think shaping and smoothing, but super comfortable), and we offer the Bye Bye Bra cami, which will replace your bra (no more underwires), no matter what size you are. The line rounds out with a selection of leggings and pants that feature a skinny waistband to give you a little tummy support.
  • Solely Jane interchangeable shoes Solely Jane brings us a new concept in shoes. These shoes are fashionable (IMO the most important), comfortable (also pretty important), and interchangeable. You heard me right when I said “interchangeable!” The shoes are constructed with interlocking rails and channels that run the length of the shoes with tabs that hold the tops in place. This means you can purchase one Comfort Sole base and as many Solemate tops as you wish. You can then change the look of the shoes instantly to match whatever you’re wearing.
Experience four unique brands

Personalized service in a special setting

When you shop in-person, you get the highest level of personalized service, and that’s definitely one of the benefits of shopping at Style with Char Studio. I can help you pick out the right items based on your needs and your body type. I can also offer you my opinion (I promise I’ll be honest) on what looks and fits best on you. I can also provide styling tips and suggestions for each piece you’re considering. (I’ll do that same personalized service for online purchases if you ask.)

You decide the crowd size

Right now, a key benefit of shopping at Style with Char Studio is that you get to determine the size of the crowd – Do you like to shop alone and take your time? Do you love grabbing a few friends for retail therapy? Would your “crew” like to get together for girls night out with a unique shopping slant?

Here are a few shopping options:

  • Private Studio Appointment – If you live near Fargo ND/Moorhead MN, feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment in my studio. You can shop in comfort (I will probably even offer you a glass of wine), try on everything I have in your size, and take your time in a relaxed environment to get just what you need.
  • Shopping Outing with Friends – If you love shopping with a few gals (or your whole crew), let’s do it. I’d love to meet you in my studio in Moorhead MN for a shopping outing. There is plenty of space to try on a few outfits and show off your personal style (and of course, get your friends’ opinions on what looks best on you.)

Shop comfy at home

Before I close, just a reminder that you always also have the option to shop from the comfort of your own couch. Here’s a few ideas how:

  • Shop Online – Check out all four brands that I’ve personally curated for my clients. You can find links to each of them here.
  • Give $10 in Peach credit to a friend  – What kind of a friend would you be if you knew about Peach and didn’t tell your friends. We make it easy for you to spread the word by letting you give $10 to a friend. Use our personal Peach referral link to give $10 to a friend and when you do, you will get 10% of their order total in Peach credits. (You can share your Peach referral link with as many friends as you wish.)
  • Virtual gathering – Let’s get your friends together virtually (think Facebook or Zoom). I promise we can do something that is entertaining and engaging that your friends want to attend.  I’m also willing to try a text or Facebook Messenger gathering, or whatever idea you might have

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