Complete Guide to Wearing Your Ruby Ribbon Cami

Your Complete Guide to Wearing Your Ruby Ribbon Cami or Demiette

Did you just get a Ruby Ribbon cami or Demiette? You are going to love being brafree! Here’s my complete guide to wearing your Ruby Ribbon bra replacements. In this guide, I give you my best tips for wearing and caring for your new Ruby Ribbon cami or Demiette.


The phrase to remember when putting on your cami is “Step, Lift, Adjust, and Smooth.” The propriety design of a Ruby Ribbon garment allows it to adapt to your body. You can get a perfect fit, no matter if you’re a 32B or a 50K bra size.

It starts by choosing the right style and size. You can use the Ruby Ribbon Shape and Support Scale to determine the best cami and Demiette options for you. If you need a size recommendation, fill out this sizing recommendation form and Char from Style with Char Studio will give you a personalized recommendation.

How to know you have the right size:

  • You feel supported
  • You aren’t spilling over at the edges
  • Your back is smooth
  • It feels snug but not uncomfortable


Always step into your Ruby Ribbon cami or Demiette. Think of it like you’re putting on a swimsuit. Just step in and pull carefully over your hips and torso. Place the invisible gripper edge low on your hips, making sure it’s on your skin. (It needs to be touching your skin to ensure that it won’t roll.)


Lift the cami up in both the front and back. The top should rest in the middle of your shoulder blades and the fabric should be smooth.

If you’re wearing our cami, or just considering one, keep in mind these cami fit tips:

  • The seams under your arms should be straight, no waviness. If they are wavy, you probably need to go up one size
  • Your cami should feel snug but not uncomfortable
  • To get the most support, check out how to adjust the straps properly. The cami should be higher up on your back for the best support (and the smoothest look, as shown in the picture below
  • Not sure what size you need in a Ruby Ribbon, I offer an online sizing tool

Fit Tip: If you don’t feel supported, it’s probably too low on your back.

Shows adjustment for Ruby Ribbon cami
Back adjustment for a properly fitted cami


You will likely need to lift or adjust your breasts to fit into the cups. If the cups feel too small, stretch the fabric a bit. You should be able to lift the strap no more than ½ inch.


Smooth the invisible gripper edge, keeping it low on your hips and across your butt. It should be placed on bare skin or on top of Ruby Ribbon shaping bottoms.

Care Tips

By taking proper care of your shapewear, you will extend its life. Be sure to handle it with care with stepping into it or taking it off.

  • The invisible gripper edge should be placed on clean, dry, lotion-free skin or on Ruby Ribbon shaping bottoms. Over time, the silicone will fray. This is normal wear and tear and it will continue to stay in place for you.
  • To get the best support from your Ruby Ribbon camis and demiettes, we suggest you rest them for 24 hours between wearings. For example, if you wear it Monday, wait til Wednesday to wear it again.
  • Wash your Ruby Ribbon camis and demiettes in cold water with regular detergent on a gentle cycle. Wash them in a lingerie bag if you have one. Never use Woolite, Oxyclean or fabric softener.
  • You can dry your Ruby Ribbon shapewear flat or on a line or drying rack.The wicking fabric dries quickly.
  • Never put your Ruby Ribbon shapewear in the dryer.

Fit Tips from Ruby Ribbon’s Senior Designer

In this video, Cami Raymond, Senior Designer at Ruby Ribbon, shares additional fit tips.

With the tips in this complete guide to wearing your Ruby Ribbon cami or demiette, I hope you can celebrate your freedom from underwires!

Still have questions? You can always contact me; I like to help.

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