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Amethyst is the New Neutral

Have you heard? Amethyst is the new neutral. Amethyst is a purply shade with a gray undertone. We’re finding that amethyst can be worn with a variety of shades and patterns. Honestly, you can think of it as a neutral and wear it with so many items already in your closet.

For 2021, Peach freshened up two of their classic items, now offering them in a shade called Hazy Amethyst. Amethyst is the new neutrals in the Signature Leggings and the Seamless Long Sleeve Crew Neck.

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In the video below, we found some of the items from past Peach releases to pair with the new amethyst items. Here’s a rundown of nine ways to wear amethyst as the new neutral.

Ideas to use the Signature Leggings in Amethyst as a neutral

With the amethyst Signature Leggings, we’re showing:

  • Asado Sweater – I was so surprised (and I don’t know why because it’s obviously a great idea) how cute the Asado Sweater in Dusty Lilac looked with amethyst leggings. It’s the perfect monochrome outfit with cute booties and a long necklace.
  • Kinley Top – For a casual look, pair the Kinley Top in gray with amethyst and let a cute black demiette peak out from under it.
  • Flex Tee – This workout tee will be perfect with amethyst for a soft and subtle look at the gym.
  • Tortuga Button Down — Many of us (me included) prefer longer layers with leggings. The Tortuga Button Down gives you that longer line. You can wear it buttoned up or sometimes I wear it as a lightweight “jacket” over a long t-shirt or tank.

How to wear the Seamless Crew in Amethyst

And we paired the Seamless Crew Neck in amethyst with:

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