5 Tips for Petite Figures

5 Tips for Petite Figures

If you’re 5’5″ tall or less, you’re considered petite by the fashion industry. And petite women come in all body shapes and weights. For women with petite figures, finding the right fashions that flatter their stature can be a challenge. In this post, we’re sharing 5 tips for petite figures.

1. Go Monochrome

Monochrome means choosing one color in more than one shade or tint. For a petite woman, dressing in monochrome shades will help elongate her figure. Monochrome can mean wearing tops and bottoms in the same shade. We also suggest that you choose shoes or boots in the same color as your pants.

2. Think vertical

When selecting clothes, a petite gal should look for vertical elements in her wardrobe. Examples might include vertical stripes, long lines, contrast piping or princess seams. These features will draw the eye vertically and make your figure appear visually longer.

3. Avoid bulk

Another tip for petite figures is to avoid bulky fabrics and garments. Balance is key. As an example, a bulky sweater often will make a petite woman look shorter. Look for lighter weight clothing with movement.

4. Take height where you can find it

Adding height to a petite frame can be done in subtle ways. Wear the highest heel that you can comfortably wear. Go with a hairstyle that will add some height to your frame. Avoid hats that flatten your head; a pom hat is a fun choice to add height.

5. Watch proportions

As we said earlier, balance is key. Watch the proportions of your accessories. Oversized bags can overpower your frame and make you appear smaller. If you want to wear a wide belt, make it a monochrome shade that blends with the rest of your outfit. A long pendant necklace will elongate your neck and is a great choice.

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With these 5 tips for petite figures, you are on your way to finding the fit and fashion that best flatters your petite figure. If you want more fashion tips and tricks, join our monthly newsletter at www.stylewithchar.com/news.

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