Helpful ways to prevent those pesky bra straps from showing

Helpful ways to prevent those pesky bra straps from showing

One thing I hear from most women is that they have a love/hate relationship with their bras. One of the things they tell me is that their bra straps keep showing and that’s annoying to them. Here are some helpful ways to prevent those pesky bra straps from showing, no matter what you’re wearing.

There are usually two reasons that those dang straps keep showing. It’s either:

  • A bra strap is moving into a place where it’s showing
  • You’re wearing your standard bra but your clothing is designed for a special bra

Keep your bra straps from moving and slipping

Let’s first address the issue of bra straps that are slipping and moving. This drives you crazy, doesn’t it? The straps slide down and show on your arm under a tank or short sleeve top. Or they are too loose and as the neckline on your top moves, a bra strap occasionally peeks out.

As you’ve probably realized, your bra might be the problem. Getting the right fit and size in a bra and finding the best style for your body go a long way to prevent those pesky bra straps from showing. A professional bra fitting is your best defense. Too much room in the cups or the band can make the straps not pulled tight enough and they will be prone to slipping.

Getting the right fit and size in a bra and finding the best style for your body go a long way to prevent those pesky bra straps from showing. Share on X

2 tips to hide your bra straps

Here are two tips that might help you adjust your bra to keep the straps from showing:

  1. Latch your bra on the loosest hook to keep it from stretching: When you hook your bra, your natural inclination is to tighten it as much as can, but this will make the band stretch and eventually loosen. If you hook it comfortably, it won’t stretch out and loosen the elastic. (Eventually, your bra will stretch on its own, but you can make it last longer by not putting unneeded tension on it.)
  2. Tighten your bra straps so you can fit one finger beneath them: To provide the proper support, your bra straps should be tight enough to keep them in place, but not so tight that they pull your bra band out of place. If you have strap marks after you take off your bra or if you have permanent indentations in your shoulders, the straps are too tight. You should be able to comfortably slide a finger beneath the strap when you’re wearing your bra.

If adjusting your bra doesn’t work, a quick fix for a bra strap that’s showing can be done with a simple safety pin. Use the safety pin to attach the straps to your shirt. A small safety pin will work best.

3 products to keep bra straps in place

There are also solutions that you can buy online to help you keep your bra straps in place. Here are three ideas:

  1. Stick bra straps temporarily to your skin using fashion tape
  2. Keep bra straps in place using silicone bra strap cushioned holders
  3. Use clear straps on your bras and they will be less noticeable
Ruby Ribbon Clear Adjustable Straps for bras and slips

If it’s just a top or two where your bra straps are showing, you also can take the top to a seamstress who can sew in a small loop of fabric or ribbon with a snap that you can use to keep your bra straps in place. Some garments come with these hidden bra strap holders built in.

Hide those pesky bra straps when you don’t have the right bra

Now, let’s discuss how what to do when you’re clothing is designed for a special bra that you don’t have. This will often make your bra straps show and have you looking for options to prevent those pesky bra straps from showing.

The obvious solution is to get the right bra for the clothing, but I realize that you can’t always do that in a pinch. If you need a racerback bra in a pinch, you can use a paperclip threaded through the hardware on the back of a standard bra to cinch the straps in to align to a racerback top or dress?

Using a paperclip to cinch bra straps for racerback top or dress

Another quick fix option is to “just go with it,” and by that I mean, make showing your bra straps be intentional. You can successfully pull this off in one of two ways. You can find a bra in your lingerie drawer that blends in with your top, such as a similar color or a color related to your outfit. Or you can choose a bra that begs to be seen (again in a color that complements your outfit) but maybe with a detail such as a sheer or mesh panel or an accent of lace.

Again there are devices you can purchase to help make a standard bra work with various necklines and back designs. Here are two examples:

  • Convert your bra to wear under a low back or keyhole back using bra converter straps
  • For racerback styles, pick up bra strap clips to adapt your bra easily  and comfortably

If you need a strapless configuration, you (or your seamstress) can sew the cups from an old bra into a strapless dress. And in my opinion, the best option for a strapless neckline is to invest in a good strapless bra in a neutral color.

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