Ruby Ribbon Sizing Resources

Ruby Ribbon Sizing Resources for Demiettes and Camis (2023)

Have you heard about a Ruby Ribbon cami and are definitely interested in ditching your bra (and those awful underwires) for a supportive and comfortable bra alternative? But what size Ruby Ribbon cami do you need?  Today I’m sharing a few Ruby Ribbon sizing resources to help you get a great fit for your Ruby Ribbon cami or demiette. 

The Fastest Way to find your Ruby Ribbon Fit

Fill out my Ruby Ribbon sizing recommendation form to have me give you a personalized recommendation via email or text.

Ruby Ribbon Cami Fit Guide

Use the Ruby Ribbon Cami Fit Guide shown below to help determine the right cami or demiette (that’s what we call a bra at Ruby Ribbon). Ruby Ribbon sizes are just based upon bra band, but large cup sized women typically size up. If you haven’t been measured for a bra recently, I would suggest that you first measure yourself, keeping the tape measure around your band size even. 

If you find that you are a cup size D or smaller, then your Ruby Ribbon size is your bra band size. For example, if you’re a 36D, your Ruby Ribbon size is 38.  (If you like the Siren Collection, size up for this style.)

If you are a cup size DD or larger, I suggest that you size up. So if you’re a 36H, your Ruby Ribbon size is typically a 38. If you prefer a bit looser fit, you can go up one size further. The camis are stretchy and will adjust to your body much more easily than a bra would. (If you like the Siren Collection, size up once more for this style.)

Request a Personalized Size and Style

If you prefer to have me help you find the best Ruby Ribbon style for you, I would love to do that. You can use my quick and easy interview form to find the right size and style Ruby Ribbon cami just for you. I recommend that you take a fresh bust and bra band measurement when you complete the sizing form.

Once you’ve completed the form, in a few hours or overnight, I’ll send you a personalized email or text (whichever you prefer) with my recommendations on the size and styles that are best for your figure. That personalized recommendation will even include a shopboard with clickable links to your recommendation camis or demiettes.

Ruby Ribbon Shape and Support Scale
Ruby Ribbon Shape and Support Scale

Here are a few of my personal recommendations: 

  • For an A cup, I recommend the Second Skin Collection, which is a level 2 light support and very comfortable. (Available with or without lace accents)
  • For a C cup, get a Lumina Cami if you only want bust support and not tummy control. But if you want tummy control, get a Full Support cami in your bra size. 
  • For a D cup or higher, you definitely want to get a Full Support cami (unless you don’t care about how much support you get.) If having maximum breast support is important to you, consider the Ultimate Cami.

Still have questions or need more Ruby Ribbon sizing resources? 

You may still have a few sizing and style questions. No problem – I’m here to help. As a seasoned Ruby Ribbon stylist with more than 5 years of experience helping more than 1000 women ditch their bra, I am here to help you. Here are a few ways to get in touch with me: 

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