How to Get Dressed for the Office Effortlessly ebook

Ebook Download: How to Get Dressed for the Office Effortlessly

You’re in a rush to get out the door and get to the office, but instead, you find yourself frantically searching for the blouse that matches your favorite dress pants.

Or, you try on what seems like “everything” in your closet because nothing feels right to wear today.


But what if you could freshen up your closet to ensure that you always have the perfect outfit for the office at your fingertips? What if you could get dressed for the office effortlessly?

With the right formula, and a few hours of planning, you can! While I’ve worked as a stylist, I’ve put together my Dress Effortlessly Formula that you,  as a busy career women, can use to create a polished and professional wardrobe and get dressed in 10 minutes or less each day.

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The formula to get dressed for the office effortlessly is outlined in my free ebook. This e-book is designed to change the way you look at your closet. By following this Dress Effortlessly Formula, you can avoid stress about what to wear tomorrow. You will know that every piece in your closet has a purpose, and that it can be worn with many others items easily and well, effortlessly. And you will gain a few extra minutes to grab a great cup of coffee before you’re headed out the door.

Download the Dress Effortless Ebook to help you get dressed for the office in 10 minutes

Here’s what you can find in the Dress Effortlessly ebook:

  • Chapter 1: Benefits of the Dress Effortlessly Formula – Learn the benefits you’ll receive when you put together a curated set of clothing items that are designed to work well together in a mix-and-match way.
  • Chapter 2: The Dress Effortlessly Formula – Dig into the exact formula you can follow for a wardrobe that allows you to get dressed for the office each day in 10 minutes or less. You will choose 20 apparel items (plus accessories) that will become the core of your wardrobe.
  • Chapter 3: Tips for Success with the Dress Effortlessly Formula — To help you ensure success with the Dress Effortlessly Formula, I provide seven additional tips to help you select the right clothes for your specific needs.
  • Chapter 4: A Sample Closet using the Dress Effortlessly Formula – To inspire you to get started, I provide a complete example of what your wardrobe could look like when you follow the Dress Effortlessly Formula and use a color palette of blacks, grays and whites, accented with blue tones and soft yellows and greens.
  • Chapter 5: Get Started Faster Using the Dress Effortlessly Formula – For those feeling a little skeptical on if the Dress Effortlessly Formula can work for you, I also provide four ideas to to test out the formulta to both learn it and to understand the value of a streamlined wardrobe.
  • Bonus: Dress Effortlessly Formula Wardrobe Worksheet — As a bonus, I’ve include a worksheet you can print and use to plan out the items you already have for your curated office-ready wardrobe and to determine the items you may need to purchase.

To get the Formula for Dressing Effortlessly Ebook, just click the pink button below.

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