Make Marine Blue Clothing Work For You in Fall 2021

Make Marine Blue Clothing Work For You This Fall

Marine Blue clothing is a significant color for Fall 2021 and it’s showing up in all areas of clothing including tops, joggers and layers. In this post, I share my thoughts on how anyone can make marine blue clothing work in their wardrobe this fall including information on what shade marine blue is, who women can wear marine blue and what colors to pair with marine blue clothing.

What color is Marine Blue?

Marine Blue is a deep, pure blue with a gorgeous deep-water undertone and hints of deep aqua and even purple. It’s a maritime color inspired by the oceans.

Who can wear Marine Blue?

As I’ve been styling and working with marine blue, I’ve noticed that it’s truly a color that any woman can wear (and I don’t say that lightly.) Because of the undertones of both blue and aqua, marine blue looks great on women with any hair color – blond, brunette, ginger or graying plus all the shades in-between. And most skin tones also brighten up when wearing marine blue.

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What colors should you wear with Marine Blue?

Marine Blue is a versatile color that can be worn with so many hues and shades. Below I’m sharing six different ways to wear Marine Blue, but don’t let this gallery limit you. For example, just like black and white are great with marine blue, shades of gray with a pop of color also would make a cute outfit based that started with a marine blue clothing item.

Or, find a pattern or print that includes marine blue and use that for outfit inspiration by pairing that print with one of your marine blue pieces. That pattern or print could be a top paired with marine blue pants or joggers, but it also could be a scarf with marine blue in the pattern and worn with a marine blue top.

Marine Blue from Head-to-Toe

A monochrome look of a single column of color from head-to-toe is a timeless way to get a flattering look. A dress quickly gives you a monochrome look, but you also can pair a tank and leggings in the same marine blue color to achieve a marine blue color silo.

Marine Blue with Crisp White

Crisp white is rarely a bad choice and in this case, the white brings out the blue in an eyecatching way. You can stay with just these two shades in your accessories, or bring in a third color as an accent.

Shades of Yellow Complement Marine Blue

Blue and yellow are commonly paired in french decorating and you can pull it off with marine blue also. The key is to choose a pale shade of lemon in a tone that works well with your skin tone. Think soft lemon or french vanilla for example.

Soft Green Paired with Marine Blue

A twig green may feel like an odd pairing with marine blue, but the subtleness of this soft shade of green blends with the undertone of the blue for a great look. We’re showing the Modern BoHo Pants, which are a fresh take on joggers and can be worn with a top tucked in or maybe a french tuck.

Marine Blue with Shades of Tan

Not many colors can play well with so many shades but marine blue “just works” with any neutral you can throw at it. Check out the varying shades of tan, taupe and even rust to see the versatility in this shade.

Marine Blue with Classic Black

For a sophisticated outfit, pair marine blue with classic black. You can choose solid black jean leggings, for example, or rev it up a bit with a black camo print. We kept it polished in these looks with accent jewelry and the perfect shoes.

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