How to create a festive holiday outfit for your office party

How to create a festive holiday outfit for your office party

Not sure what to wear to the holiday office party? Let’s talk about how to create a festive holiday outfit for your office party, starting with items you have in your closet already.

What makes an outfit “festive”?

We all probably define “festive” differently, and that’s perfect because we certainly don’t want a holiday office party outfit to be cookie-cutter. I think an office party outfit still needs to have a polished feel — festive but tasteful. But what makes an outfit “festive”?

For the office party, I define festive by kicking your weekly outfit up a notch. It might mean special fabrics like sheer lace or lux velour in holiday colors like deep green, metallics or the obvious holiday red. Many holiday outfits stand out because of embellishments, like special buttons, statement jewelry and extra sparkle. And nothing says festive like a higher heel or a shoe with a gold buckle.

I think an office party outfit still needs to have a polished feel — festive but tasteful. Share on X

The base for a festive outfit

When you think about how to create a festive holiday outfit for your office party, start with the base of the outfit. Typically, you have a piece in your closet that you can use. If you start with a piece that you already own, you’ll save money on your holiday outfit, and if you don’t have one of these three items, you can purchase them to become a mainstay in getting ready for work any day of the week. Here are a few ideas:

  • Your best pair of black pantsBlack pants are a great way to start a holiday outfit. If you have a few to choose from, then I recommend something dressier, in a jersey or ponte fabric. If you have a pair long enough to wear with a heeled shoe, that’s even better.
  • Your dressiest skirt — I like skirts, so I personally would start with the dressiest skirt in my closet. You might choose a fitted pencil skirt, a flowing pleated or gathered skirt, or a flattering a-line skirt. I would choose a neutral color like black, gray or a taupe, but you also might choose a holiday color such as red or royal blue.
  • A beautiful silk blouse — A silk (or feels like silk) blouse in a neutral shade is a great starting point for a holiday outfit. You can even pair it with black pants or a dressy skirt to wear to work, then easily transition this outfit to a holiday look for the evening.
  • A sophisticated sweater — An office sweater also can be used to create a holiday outfit, especially in a lux knit or with a cashmere feel.
  • Your LBD (Little Black Dress) — Most of us have a little black dress and you can easily take that dress and turn it into a festive holiday outfit.

Adding festive

Now, let’s add the “festive” to this holiday base. Try wearing something a bit more luxurious, edgy, special with that one of the base pieces to ate a festive holiday outfit for your office party. Examples might be a special fabric like velour or leather, or a unique finish like suede or lace.

Here are some ways to make a clothing item from your closet become special for the holidays.

Pants with faux leather panels can be an edgy accent to your holiday outfit. Shown are the Dane Pant and the Hayden Pant which can be paired with a silk blouse or sophisticated sweater for the holidays.

A lace top with sheer detailing that will add a feminine touch to your outfit. Pair a sheer lace top with a contrasting Cami that will take you from busy days to glamourous nights. Wear this Chantilly Lace top in burgundy or black with black pants or a dressy skirt.

Luxuriously soft Matte Velour paired with a classic piece is another way to create a holiday party look. Two options in holiday velour are the elevated Felicity Pullover and the Revel Pant in a trendy and ultra-cozy straight-leg silhouette.

Wake up your next holiday look with vegan suede featuring a comfortable stretch. Pair these with a silk blouse or the perfect sweater for a festive look. Shown are the Suede Leggings in espresso and the Elinore Joggers in carbon gray.

Meet your go-to party look for mixing and mingling this holiday season! Choose a sweater you love and make it sparkle. Shown are the Clara Top, Meri Poncho and Eve Sweater.

These stretch Velvet Leggings will help you sparkle and shine this holiday season! Try them for a look that’s fun, chic and guaranteed to light up any room.

The finishing touch when you create a festive holiday outfit for your office party

With a festive outfit base paired with a clothing item in a special fabric or style, you’ve got a great start on an outfit for the holiday office party. But here are the finishing touches for that special-occasion outfit. Be sure your accessories, shoes and undergarments are “on point” to look your best for the holiday event.

Take any outfit to the holiday office party level with statement jewelry or a sparkling clutch that helps you stand out from the crowd. If you chose to wear your LBD to the holiday party, be sure you glam up that dress with a necklace in candy colors or with chandelier earrings that would never be appropriate for the office. Here’s your chance to show your personality with unique and polished accessories.

It would be impossible for me to talk about an outfit without mentioning shoes (I’m mean, is this your first day reading my blog?). Shoes can make your outfit and for a holiday look, I suggest a heel and try to make it an inch higher than you typically wear. You won’t fall on your face, but you’ll be elevating (pun intended) your look. And, find a shoe that has some sparkle, some glam, some glitz to finish your outfit. Or choose a colored shoe (be still my heart) in a holiday hue. It’s not the day for those boring office pumps. (I like to watch the clearance racks for special-occasion shoes.)

Ruby Ribbon slips and thigh slimmers

The right undergarments can make or break an outfit but shapewear can be so uncomfortable. These two options for a slim and smooth look are designed to give you compression and lift with comfort so you can enjoy the holiday party. Choose the High Waist Thigh Sculptor that has power mesh panels and even gives your backside a boost. Or the all-in-one beautiful Sheer Slip supports while slimming and smoothing your waist, hips and backside.

I love helping women get dressed effortlessly for any occasion, but especially for the office. If you’re ready to find out how to look polished and professional in under 10 minutes each day, sign up for my free ebook to learn more.

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